October 9th 2017
Sylvia Hoke Photography: Model
This image is one of the photographs taken by Sylvia that is part of a story she has wanted to share with the world for quite some time. I am honored and so grateful to have been a part of this body of work. I am looking forward to where it will emerge in the world. Make Up by Tanya Marques.

September 6th & 7th 2017
Anitas Way: Dancer
September 5th 2017
Wedding: Lead Singer
September 4th 2017
Cherry Valley: DJ Dancer
September 16th 2017
Robert Taylor Jr.: Background Singer
August 10th 2017
Anniversary: Lead Singer

August 8th 2017
After Show Freestyle
Tonight I was singing at the Yale Club in Manhattan and wanted to share a little dance session.

July 29th 2017
Wedding: Lead Singer

July 21st 2017
Photoshoot with Denys Trofimchuck: Model/Dancer

July 19th 2017
Photoshoot with Joe Bardi: Model/Dancer

July 16th 2017
A Jodie Mack Film: Dancer
July 4th 2017
Cherry Valley: DJ Dancer
July 1st 2017
Fuentes Wedding: Lead Singer
June 8th 2017
Friar's Club : Guest Singer

"They told me it was an island party..."

June 7th 2017

Mayo Performing Arts Center Spring Fundraiser w/ Tom Costello Music: Lead Singer

May 13th 2017
Beth C. Tortolani Foundation's Annual Dinner Dance Gala w/ Tom Costello Music: Lead Singer
April 24th 2017
TED announces their Spotlight Presentation Academy: Student

"After a sweet session with Podney, I decided to put a little spin on this lovely image taken of me. This is my reaction to feeling an uncertainty about sharing an image of myself nude. The flood of "what if's" pushed my frustation, which is represented in this piece. It's funny to me and I like that."

April 19th 2017

Photoshoot: Podney Swoophe: Model

April 11th 2017
Photoshoot: Manfred Reif: Model
March 28th 2017
Featured on Onfilm.Photo with Denys Trofimchuck: Model
March 26th 2017
Dance Showcase: Choregrapher, Lauren Blue: Dancer
March 15th 2017
Photoshoot: HeartburnWaltz: Model
March 12th 2017
Filming of Short Film: Go Go Dancer
March 4th 2017
BBOX RADIO: Sex and Love Addiction: Co-Host
February 28th 2017
Acting Networking Event: Co-Host
February 27th 2017
Rehearsal for Dance Showcase: Choregrapher, Lauren Blue: Dancer
Details to follow
February 8th 2017
Test Photoshoot: Sylvia Hoke Photography: Model

February 6th 2017
Photoshoot: Faceplanter: Model
Februry 4th 2017
Dance Showcase: Choreographer, Elya Os: Dancer

Februry 2nd 2017
Featured on @art.film with Denys Trofimchuck: Model
January 28th 2017
Rehearsal/Recording of Minisodes 3, 4 "No Sleep"
January 24th 2017
Photoshoot: Jaka Vinsek: Model

January 23rd 2017
Photoshoot: HeartburnWaltz: Model
January 16th 2017
Interview for "No Sleep": BBOX Radio
January 10th 2017
Meeting with photographer, Sylvia Hoke: Model
December 18th 2016
Dance Showcase: Choreographer, Lauren Blue: Dancer
December 16th 2016
Touch (video shoot): Choreographer, Elya Os: Dancer
December 15th 2016
Photoshoot: Commercial Model
December 8th 2016
Grand Hyatt Hotel: Main Dancer for DJ
November 25th 2016
Mannequin Challenge +dance: Dancer
November 20th 2016
Photoshoot: Andy Golub: Model
October 30th 2016
Variety Show: Lead Singer
October 24th 2016
Variety Show: Lead Singer
October 17th 2016
Variety Show: Lead Singer
October 10th 2016
Variety Show: Lead Singer
September 25th 2016
Film Exercise on editing: Lead Actress
September 24th 2016
Photoshoot: Denys Trofimchuck: Model
September 17th 2016
Temple Emanuel: Wedding: Lead Singer
September 11th 2016
No Sleep Til 40: Episode 1 & 2: Lead Actress
August 27th 2016
Anniversary Party: 70's Theme: Lead Singer
August 5th 2016
PAINted with Choreographer, Diina: Dancer
July 31st 2016
No Sleep Til 40: Episode 2: Lead Actress
July 26th-27th 2016
Reflection Spectrum with Diina: Dancer
July 23rd 2016
No Sleep Til 40: Episode 1: Lead Actress
July 4th 2016
Cherry Valley Country Club: Main Dancer
July 1st 2016
Photoshoot: Kid Hoover: Model
June 22nd 2016
Randy Muller: Recording Singer
June 18th 2016
No Sleep 'til 40 (web series): Episode 1: Lead Actress
June 16th 2016
Ken James Orchestra: Lead Singer
June 15th 2016
Photoshoot: Online Clothing Company: Model
May 22nd 2016
Photoshoot: Andy Golub: Model
May 20th 2016
Flash Mob : Derek Mitchell: Dancer
May 7th 2016
Photoshoot: World Naked Gardening Day: Model
May 4th 2016
Photoshoot: Podney Swoophe: Model
May 3rd 2016
Sybarite with Lauren Blue DeAngelo: Dancer
April 20th 2016
Flash Mob with Derek Mitchell: Dancer
April 3rd 2016
Blue Shoot
March 14th 2016
March 13th 2016
Photo Shoot: Kid Hoover: Model
March 11th 2016
Photo Shoot: LouisPeterDaily: Model
March 6th 2016
Album Powow with Phil
March 4th 2016
Photo Shoot: Akarisuki: Model
March 1st 2016
Photo Shoot: Gary Mirabelle: Model
February 23rd 2016
Photo Shoot: Gary Mirabelle: Model
February 10th 2016
January 21st 2016
Run the Night: Competition
December 12th 2015
Cherry Valley Kids Christmas Party: Main Dancer
November 15th 2015
Kat Wildish Showcase: Dancer
November 14th 2015
The Community Theatre at Mayo Center for the Performing Arts Charity Event
October 25th 2015
Cherry Valley Country Club Halloween Party: Main Dancer
October 2nd 2015
Broadway to Hollywood: Musical Review with Millpond Acres
June 1st 2015
Graduated William Esper Studio